Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Fun Challenge from Teresa

I have been challenged to another "fun" challenge. Teresa (aka: va.sunshine) challenged me to this: Go to where you store your photos on your computer. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo. Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

This is the 6th photo that appeared in the 6th photo file. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the kids' silly faces. The picture was taken at the entrance of our subdivision on "Christmas card picture day", which was a a very cold, windy day in early December. After the kids had posed for several shots while freezing in the cold wind and I had enough shots to (hopefully) pick to include our Christmas card, I told the kids they could make a silly face. So, this was their last pose just before racing back to the car and out of the wind.

The bloggers I am extending the challenge to are:
1. Jenn
2. Julie
3. Tara
4. Jessica
5. Cindy
6. Lori


Jessica said...

Hey there! Like the colors, AGAIN, and loved looking through my photos!

Here's my link:

Julie Davison said...

What a fun photo of the kids! They're getting so big! I posted for this challenge on my family blog. Check it out:

dj said...

how cute--I love when we can catch them with unexpected expressions--when they are older they won't be to happy with us, but oh well, it was a memory in the making!!

Tara Kieninger said...

This was a fun challenge. My photo is posted on my family blog:

Cindy Malone said...

Here is my link :-)